3 Key Items To Your Direct Mail Success

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Here’s the interesting thing about marketing…

It’s a deep subject, yet many business owners want to find some “magic pill” that shortens the process of generating leads and sales for their businesses to some easy process.

Doesn’t work that way.

So while we couldn’t possibly cover ever y single aspect of marketing a business in one, two, even 1000 articles…we can cover the most important points.

Especially when using direct mail.  While direct mail is most certainly a deep subject in and of itself…here are the 3 key items to your success with direct mail:

  1.   Offer to market match.

You may have heard of “message to market match”, which identifies that your marketing message has to match the intended recipients (e.g. you’re not sending golf messages to baseball players).

But we’re talking about offer to market match here.  In other words, does what you offer via direct mail match to the intended recipient…

Does it offer benefit to the intended recipient?

If you’re offering a free credit repair consultation to people who have 750 FICO scores, does that make sense?

Does it get offered at a price point that appeals to the recipient?

If you’re offering a $1000 service to people with median incomes of less than $30k / year, does that match the recipient?

Does the offer deliver the perception of overwhelming value to the recipient?  

Not just a certain amount of value, but ask yourself if your offer delivers more value than would be expected?  If you offer a paid product or service, what you charge should be less than the value offered.  If you offer a free item (to generate leads), the recipient should get the impression they are receiving a valuable paid item.

Then, make sure you deliver the value promised in the direct mail piece.

But even more important than the offer itself, is…

  1.  Testing, more testing, then testing some more.

An interesting facet of marketing lies in the fact that it seems “easy” to promote your business.  All you have to do is “get the word out” and you’ll make millions right?

Not at first.

Marketing is easy, but it isn’t simple.  What that means is, there is a discovery process where you have to find what offer, direct mail message, and market work to generate leads and sales for your credit business.

To discover those elements, you must test different offers, messages, and marketing to different types of people within your market to find the combination that delivers the best results.  Then, you further refine your testing to discover more specific methods and offers etc… to get better results.

Where most credit business owners miss the boat is they assume there is an “end” to this process…and there isn’t.  Market conditions and people change, and because of the Internet, they change faster than ever before…your direct mail marketing (and for that matter, your entire marketing process) needs to keep up with those changes.

You can keep up with these changes by subscribing to RSS feeds of the blogs in your industry, trade publications (both marketing and credit industry related… see http://www.tradepub.com for ideas), and by talking to people within your market through surveys and conversations.

And last but certainly not least…

  1.  Effective copy on the direct mail pieces themselves.

Unfortunately, it’s not enough to simply describe your offer on your direct mail piece alone…no matter how strong an offer or how valuable your product or service is.

Because direct mail is an interruption form of marketing, your message must be crafted with persuasiveness and precision in order to get the recipient to respond to your call to action.

  • You must have a strong headline.
  • You must have easy to read and clear body copy.
  • And you must have a strong and simple to execute call to action.

A couple of good resources for learning to craft expert advertising copy are The Copywriter’s Handbook by Bob Bly, and Advertising Week’s Copywriting Handbook by Joseph Sugarman.  By reading both of these, you’ll have more than enough information to construct an effective direct mail campaign in terms of the copy written.

But keep in mind, even if you have the best copy, if you’re offer isn’t strong, and you’re not offering it to a targeted audience…your copy won’t matter.  Be sure to get the first two pieces right, and then focus on the copy you’re writing for your direct mail piece.

Offer  Testing Targeted Audience And Finally, Your Copy

The main ingredients to an effective direct mail campaign.