3 Valuable Secrets About Business Cards “They” Didn’t Want You To Know…

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Business cards don’t seem like there would be any “secrets” to them, do they?

Well…for the people who’ve been using them ineffectively, there are at least 3 secrets to using business cards that can be used to gain maximum effectiveness from them.

Let’s just jump right in…

1)  Avoid “put me to sleep” business cards.  Use effective copy and call to action.

You’ve seen the “typical” business card:

Jane Doe123 Man IHaveaboringcard St.Sleepyville, Snoozertown 55555
Boring catch phrase here.


Why did this become the standard way to create a business card?  Yawn.

Instead, use the real estate for a marketing message, and a simple call to action…

If You Would Like To Discover A Proven Method To Raise Your Credit Score 100% Legally and Quickly…Call Us To Schedule A Free Consultation Now!
(456) 234-1111Ask For Jane DoeOr visit http://www.mycreditsite.com


See the difference?  Why would your business address make any difference to a new prospective client?  Why create a business card that is exactly the same as everyone else’s…and get the results everyone else is getting?

On with our show.

2)  Focus more on message than pretty graphics.

Copy is more important than pretty graphics or cool features with the limited space you have on a business card.  The person you hand your card to must know what to do, and be able to act on what to do with your card…period.  Fancy graphics and other features don’t help very much here.  With that being said…you should most definitely use a small graphic or two to aid your copy in getting your message across (like your logo).

3)  Use the back (properly).

One place on a business card that often gets skipped altogether is the back of the card.  In fact, if someone had a set of inexpensive cards produced, you’ll often see the business card printer’s advertisement located there.

Why shouldn’t the back of the card be used to market your credit repair business?

It should.

There are two primary schools of thought with the use of the back of the business card:

  1. Use it to help tell the story and call-to-action on the front of the card.

The back is there for you to use, so use it.  If you are using the front to make a specific offer, use the back to generate curiosity and get people to read the front of the card.

In our example above this was the front of the card:

If You Would Like To Discover A Proven Method To Raise Your Credit Score 100% Legally and Quickly…Call Us To Schedule A Free Consultation Now!(456) 234-1111

Ask For Jane Doe

Or visit http://www.mycreditsite.com


So this could be the back…aiding the front and using the real estate available to you:

Flip This Card Over To Discover How You Can Get The Things You Want, And Get Your Financial Life Back Starting Today!
Shhh…It’ll Be Our Little Secret…<over>


  1. Use it to make a special offer with the business card when they use it to respond to your credit repair business.

You can also use the back of the business card to make a special offer or display a coupon code the potential client can use when they contact you.

Here’s an example of one potential back of the card offer:


When You Call Us Today, Use Coupon Code GOODCREDIT And Receive The Free Report “10 Things You Shouldn’t Be Doing With Your Credit Score” Mailed Straight To Your Home!
Call Now:(456) 234-1111


As you can see, when you combine the front and back of this business card, you’ll be making an offer on either side…and not wasting valuable marketing space.  You’ve spent the money creating your business cards…it’s important you get as much mileage from them as you possibly can.

In the end…consumers are bombarded by thousands of messages, and have seen hundreds of business cards.  Why not make yours stand out starting today?  You can go to http://www.vistaprint.com or search Google for online business card printers right now.