4 Simple Reasons to NEVER dispute online.

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4 Simple Reasons to NEVER dispute online.

Disputing online was created to make the credit bureaus more efficient. There is little regard to consumer interests when disputes are generated online. Credit repair is not about making the job easy for credit reporting agencies!

Don’t Dispute Online Because:

  1. Time- The consumer reporting agencies do not have to process an online request. The online dispute gets tracked automatically and a request to verify is automatically forwarded to the data furnisher through E-Oscar. The restrictive 30 day clock is accomplished easier if everything is automated.
  2. Paper Trail- With online disputes there is no paper trail to evidence the details of the dispute.
  3. Limited Dispute Reasons- With the limitation of dispute reasons, an accurate description of the dispute is difficult in most cases.
  4. “Expeditious Dispute Resolution”- The Fair Credit Reporting Act section 611a(8) changes the standard requirements and protections afforded to the consumer by the FCRA.

In the “Expeditious Dispute Resolution” section-

“The agency shall not be required to comply with paragraphs 2, 6, and 7 with respect to that dispute if they delete the trade line within 3 days.”

Paragraph 2Requires the CRA to forward your dispute and all related   documentation you provide to the creditor. They rarely forward the documentation.

If credit reporting agencies delete an item without forwarding your dispute to the data furnisher, the data furnisher will re-report this item in the next reporting cycle. The data furnisher will most likely not be aware of your dispute therefore they will simply re-insert the item.

There is a standard notice that is required to be sent prior to any reinsertion of a deleted item. If, the item is deleted via the expedited system the five day written notice is not required.

Paragraph 6 requires the CRA to provide you with written results.
Paragraph 7 requires the CRA to provide you with the method of verification on request from the consumer.

As you know from review of the “Method of Verification” section, this tactic is a powerful tool in the dispute process. If expeditious dispute resolution is used, the right to utilize this tactic is eliminated.