Advertising Your Credit Repair Business: Does It Work Anymore?

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In previous articles we’ve covered a lot on direct marketing of your credit repair business.

But what about straight up paid advertising?

In the newspaper, billboards, on blogs (and other online real estate), etc…

Does it work anymore?

Let’s examine this.

We live in a world where there are too many distractions.  There is way too much information, you can find anything out on the Internet, and you can practically accomplish any task by using the Internet.

In short, our attention is being made scarce by way too many different attempts to grab it.

With all of this in mind, how is “paid advertising” in general doing?

Not as well as in the past.

  • People don’t “want” paid advertising, it’s an interruption.
  • People don’t “need” paid advertising; they would rather just find what they are looking for and buy it.
  • People “get annoyed” with paid advertising, and simply click to “get away from it”, or look away from it, to find what they are actually looking to read.

So what are you to do if you want to use paid advertising for your credit repair business?

The following tips should help:

  • Use direct response elements in your paid advertising.

One example, everyone sees the same old flashy, over hyped, failed promises types of advertising on a daily basis (thousands of these ads a day in fact).  So instead, use an “advertorial” approach…which simply means you structure your ad to look like, and actually deliver some useful information or points, then place your simple call to action at the end of the advertorial.


  • Don’t make your ads look like “all the other ads.”

If your reader can’t see your ad because it looks like everything else around it, they will tend to get “ad blindness” and simply ignore your ad.  An exception would be in a newspaper, where you want your ad to look as close as it can to an article in appearance and font…so it differs from the ads on a page automatically (see advertorial tip #1).


  • Keep in mind the “next step” in your process, and sell that step only, not your entire product or service.

In almost every case, your paid advertising is NOT selling your service directly from the ad.  There is a “next step” in the process to introduce your credit repair business to your client for the first time.  This “next step” could be a free report, a gift, or other incentive to take a look at what you have to offer.  So don’t sell your entire service or product right from the ad…instead, focus your ad on “selling” the action they need to take for the next logical step in your marketing process (e.g. go to a website to claim a free gift, call a phone number to provide their name and address to get a free printed report etc…).  Remember, a person new to your business doesn’t know or trust you at all, so they most likely will not invest in your credit repair product or service right away.

Paid advertising isn’t dead, but it is more challenging to execute if you keep doing what everyone else is doing to expect the meager results you’ll get.  Feel free to get creative and test many different forms of paid advertising methods.  Do what others aren’t willing to do, so you get results others aren’t able to get.