One Marketing Tactic More Credit Business Professionals Should Use (And Why They Should Use It)

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The Internet has opened up a tremendous opportunity for any business owner.  It allows you to instantly engage an audience without boundaries.  We now have access to a global audience without all of the expense associated with shipping and mailing (although direct mail is still an important part of a marketing process).

But most credit repair business owners have missed out on an important tactic that the Internet provides for, and this tactic doesn’t require a high investment of money either…but can include a huge return on investment.

So what is this marketing tactic?

Using video messages in your marketing process.

The sentence above usually conjures up images of Hollywood production quality, HD type video that looks “slick” and features well-known personalities.

But we’re not talking about that kind of video message here; in fact, the “slick” video may actually be a turn-off to your audience.  Video needs to occupy a spot in your marketing process because the Internet is becoming an engagement media format, which means people actually go online to be entertained in some form.  Your videos can engage your audience, entertain them (to some degree), and convert them into buyers.

Here are 3 common misconceptions about video (and why you should really use it):

  • Producing video for your marketing is not as hard as you think.

Many credit repair business owners think using video is reserved for those marketers with big budgets and big personalities.  The reality is this couldn’t be farther from the truth.  You can get a video camera fairly inexpensively nowadays, and most models come with a one button push to upload that video to YouTube (a major video publishing website, sign up for your free account at  It’s easy to publish videos, and then embed them on your website or in other locations using simple code you get from YouTube.

A good resource on the subject of publishing video is a book titled “Get Seen” by Steve Garfield, available at bookstores or on Amazon.

  • Your video doesn’t need to be a Hollywood production.

There’s no doubt that a high-quality video does have a place online.  However, your videos don’t have to follow this line of thinking; in fact, it may harm your results.  Your video can simply be recorded using a decent video camera with or without a tripod (depending on the location your filming from), and uploaded to video sharing sites like TubeMogul or YouTube.  “Real” videos like these, which aren’t produced and edited, seem to resonate with people online much better.

TIP:  When filming a video by yourself in your office, make use of a tripod.  When you’re moving or “on location” such as a seminar…you obviously won’t be using one.

Over time, you’ll get more and more comfortable with using video, and you’ll be able to refine your videos a little to improve on the end result.

  • Your video can convey a personal and more engaging message than text or pictures alone.

People generally respond to marketing campaigns better when they know there is a “real person” behind the business.  You convey this by using video in your marketing.  Text can engage the reader when written properly, and pictures support text in that effort.  But using video takes this one step further by allowing you to speak indirectly to your potential client in the voice of the person behind the business.

In fact, you’ve probably noticed I use video quite often for testimonials, and in training.  There is a reason for that, it works. 😉

For now, you still have an opportunity to get in front of the online video trend for marketing…but get on board, because pretty soon video will become a standard of marketing.  If you’re not using video at that point, your credit repair business may be left in the dust.

So get a video camera if you don’t already have one, and get cracking on your first video.

More on this important part of your marketing in future articles…