Who You Really Should Be Writing Your Email Marketing Messages To…And It’s NOT Who You Think…

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Email marketing is a curious subject for some credit repair business owners.

They know they “should” be doing it…but somehow sending emails to everyone on a marketing list just seems to be too much work, or writing the emails themselves seems to overwhelm them and doesn’t get the results needed.  Whatever the reason they’re not doing it…they know they “should be.”

We’re going to cover one specific reason why email marketing can seem to overwhelm some credit repair business owners and not provide the results needed…

…Knowing who you’re actually supposed to be writing your emails to, and how to write to them.

Sounds like a really simple concept right?  But writing emails to the right person, in the right manner, is probably one of the easiest adjustments you can make to email writing that will deliver the most results when done correctly.  

The problem is most emails aren’t being written to the right person at all.

I’m going to share some helpful insight about this topic right here in this article which will allow you to make a serious shift in mindset that will transform your marketing emails, or give you the confidence to write them where you may not have been before.

Let me start by asking you a couple questions…

Have you ever read one of those emails that you could immediately tell was a pitch without even reading past the first line?  How about one of those emails that sounded like it was loaded up with corporate jargon and industry terminology?   By the way, most people you contact via email do NOT know your credit business language, especially in written form, so tone it down ok?

Email is one of those marketing mediums that is very “fickle.”  The people who read email don’t have time to ponder through your message and figure out what it means, nor do they have time for an ill-placed pitch.

So what are you to do?

  • Write to a friend.  Make the email as personal as possible (and no, that doesn’t just mean a person’s name)…write to your audience one person at a time.  Don’t use language like “to everyone”, “this goes out to all subscribers”, or a variation of those.  Instead, follow the next tip…


  • Use language like “you”, “you’re”, “your” etc… and keep the email’s text directed right at one reader.  Most businesses fail miserably here, instead opting for corporate language and focusing on what they are offering instead of the person being written to.


  • Know your target audience.  This is probably the most important concept by far with email marketing.  Knowing your target audience means; building a relationship with your readers, knowing what they are searching for online, and becoming familiar with their needs.  Google is a great tool to begin your search…and following up with your current clients (or new clients) is an excellent way to continue.


By following these tips, you’ll write your emails differently than the “corporate” crowd…and more people will read and respond to your messages.

But one more tip before we close this article…

I’m going to show you 2 different email subject lines, and you tell me which one you would open:

1)  SAVE 38% This Weekend Only!!!!

2)  Hey, I found this cool deal for you [YOUR FIRSTNAME HERE]…

#2 right?  The reason is simple; when you see the subject line in #2 you want to find out what the “cool deal” is, and how “cool” it is…plus it’s addressed to you AND written like it was actually being written TO you.

Amazingly simple concept…yet most marketers don’t follow this simple advice.

I hope you will…now get to work on your credit business emails.